Pray Unceasingly

"Pray without ceasing. In all things give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you all." - St. Paul (1 Thess. 5)
"But before all things have a constant mutual charity among yourselves: for charity covereth a multitude of sins." - St. Peter (1 Peter 4)

Holy Mother Church recommends corporal and spiritual acts of mercy. Prayer is a spiritual act of mercy. We will be held accountable for every minute of our lives - including our idle moments. This app is to assist you in using "waiting around times" as an opportunity for a spiritual service for others.

Click the name generator to generate a person to pray for. Click again for a new name as often as you desire (e.g. per prayer/sacrifice, per day, per hour or minute, etc.).

Suggestion: Pray for those closest to you and then extend your prayers to those you know least (e.g. family, then friends, then enemies, acquaintances, strangers, public figures, unknown - living or dead, etc.). Use your own prayers or click the prayer generator to generate a prayer suggestion. Some prayers are also available in Latin.



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